Our Staff

SusanBruno.jpgSusan M. Bruno, MSW, ACSW, LCSW is the Director of Business Development at Suncoast Hospice Institute. Susan  has worked in the hospice industry since 1982 beginning as a hospice social worker and then a program director at Suncoast Hospice, one of the largest community based, not-for-profits in the country. She then had the opportunity to work in two other large hospice programs serving in various capacities such as Development Director (starting new hospice programs), Corporate Director of Psychosocial Services, and Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.  In 2001, she returned to Suncoast Hospice in the education and training Institute (Suncoast Hospice Institute) as the Director of Business Development, working to improve end-of-life care throughout the country.
Susan has presented extensively over the past 30 years at the state and national level on program development, admission strategies, access to care, clinical excellence in end-of-life care and caregiver outreach.  In 2008-09 she toured the country,
along with representatives of the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services(CMS), training the hospice industry on the new Hospice Medicare Conditions of Participation. She served on the National Hospice Organization’s Standards committee and was a contributing author to the NHO Standards of a Hospice Program and NHO Pathway for Patients and Families Facing Terminal Illness.  She has been a contributing writer and author of several articles and handbooks.

KarenLo.jpgKaren Lo, MS, BA, RN is the Director of Organizational Learning at Suncoast Hospice Institute.  Karen specializes in hospice education and training, curriculum design, instructional design and development and e-learning.  Karen has over 30 years experience in hospice and palliative care. She lovingly cared for patients at the bedside for many years. That experience formed the backbone of her passion for teaching others, and she has spent the last 18 years at Suncoast Hospice Institute in education and training, writing curriculum, teaching and presenting at a state and national level.  

She is a primary author of textbook chapters, ELNEC modules and numerous articles, presentations, hospice and palliative care curriculum and online courses and grant-based programs including Caregiving at Life's End, the NIH Hospice Train-the-Trainer Program, Hospice Interdisciplinary Clinical Competencies, the Hospice in the Nursing Facility Program and the Senior Companion Program. 

Karen is the charismatic visionary that holds the Institute together with her mentoring, strength and wisdom. Her enthusiasm for education, constant encouragement and endless supply of positivity inspire the team to create the very best products and courses. 

Pat-Mullen.jpgPat Mullen is the eLearning & Technology Manager at Suncoast Hospice Institute. Pat has over a decade of experience in the field of training and elearning including the design of instructor-led and web-based SCORM compliant courses. She is an expert in learning system management and post-training measures and metrics.

Pat’s experience also includes design and development of relational databases and reports dashboard.  With this wide array of skill and focus, Pat is an integral member of the Institute team.  Pat’s extraordinary logical mind and problem solving prowess lends invaluable solidity to both the team and Institute customers. She is the tough and steadfast pillar of reason of the Suncoast Hospice Institute, but at her core, Pat is as kind-hearted and generous as any hospice team member out there.


NikkiDevereux.jpgNikki Devereux is the eLearning Instructional Designer for Suncoast Hospice Institute. She is the one-stop shop for every design element of the course, from graphics to video to audio to interactive knowledge checks and animations – she does it all. Nikki is an expert in Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro, and when it comes to authoring tools she is a Toolbook whiz. Nikki’s ability to learn new computer programs is only surpassed by her love for her coworkers in the Institute.

 She has honed her eLearning design skills by attending the Sum Total Toolbook Conference in Colorado Springs and is constantly seeking new knowledge and information related to eLearning. To round out all of her design skills, Nikki has also been in the field working with hospice patients several times, so she is not just a behind-the-scenes designer – she has the hospice heart and compassion that comes with being at the bedside and witnessing first-hand the kind of work that hospice does.

SueDemoya.jpgSue Demoya is a Learning Services Coordinator at Suncoast  Hospice Institute. Her focus is curriculum design and development. Sue loves the creative collaboration with the team as a course evolves, and freely admits to being totally enamored with her job.  Recent courses written include “ Quieting your Mind through Meditation,” “ Dyspnea at End of Life” and “Safety in the Workplace: Avoiding Trips, Slips, and Falls”. Courses such as “Quieting Your Mind Through Meditation,” that deal with the more esoteric side of hospice practice, really inspire Sue. She believes educating hospice professionals on these topics makes for a more well-rounded and engaged hospice practitioner.
Sue has worked in a variety of roles at Suncoast Hospice during the past 19 years, including many years as a staff nurse caring for patients and families, senior staff nurse and team manager. She transferred to Suncoast Hospice Institute two years ago after obtaining her Masters degree in Nursing Education. 

She is also a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care nurse. Her field experience combined with her education and dedication to Suncoast Hospice make her an extraordinary addition to the Suncoast Hospice Institute team.

CarolJohnston.jpgCarol Johnston is a Learning Services Coordinator at Suncoast Hospice Institute. One of Carol’s passions in life is education, the other is pain control. This makes her an unparalleled writer in hospice and palliative care courses. In Carol’s opinion, no one should ever have to suffer from physical pain, and she feels it is one of her life’s duties to help people control it.
As a course writer, Carol tirelessly researches every aspect of a topic, leaving no stone unturned. The word thorough is hardly enough to describe her knowledge on causes, effects and treatments of pain, or any subject she tackles. Carol is the Suncoast Hospice Institute Encyclopedia. When people have a question without an answer, they go to Carol. Sometimes there is a line outside her door. It’s a wonder she ever gets anything done.
Carol started out as an elementary school teacher and also has worked for Suncoast Hospice as a staff nurse.